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My furnace went dead last night and it was freezing near dawn. I needed someone to fix it today. I searched Yahoo local and saw very good reviews about Rabboni Mechanical, so I gave them a call and they were able to come at 10:30 this morning.
They really live up to the reputation. Jose is the guy who came, who is also the owner. Joe, who also mentioned in others' review, is his son.
Jose is very friendly and knowledgeable. My furnace was working suddenly when he started diagnosing, yet he still spent more than a hour to do a thorough check, and he explained me in details what he was doing. He does not hesitate to share his knowledge or answer my questions. I actually learned a great deal about my furnace.
Everything was checked OK. He said one of the part might be the cause, but he would not recommend a replacement unless he saw it for sure. And he said if this happens again within a month, call him and he will come for free, unless replacement is required.
After the job, he even wipe clean the black marks on my ceiling trap door. I also want to mention that he is very careful to keep my house clean. He put on shoe covers before stepping on my carpet. He is very careful not to hit walls or furniture when carrying his ladder.
I'm saving this shop to My Local, so next time when I need services for my A/C or furnace, I'll know whom to call.
Updated 03/03/2011 My furnace totally stopped working right before the record-low cold days. Thanks God I have Jose to the rescue, again!

He came to check and estimated the cost of replacing parts would top $1000 and may still not fix the problem. Considering that my furnace is nearly 30 years old. I decided to go with his recommendation and get a brand new. The next day they came and spent more than 7 hours to replace it. My furnace is up in the attic of the 2-story house, with the opening just a little bigger than the furnace itself. They really had done a superb job replacing it without damaging anything. Moreover, they vacuumed and cleaned their working area and path so my house is so clean that no one would notice that such a complicated work as been done!
I recommend Rabboni without any hesitation.

I would highly recommend Rabboni Mechanical for replacement of a heater system. The gentlemen who worked with me (Jose and Sal) were both very professional and friendly. I trusted Jose the day he came out to give me a proposal, and was glad to say I felt equally comfortable with him and his partner when they came back to do the install. Jose was patient with me as I asked questions about the process along the way. They put down tarp to cover and protect my floor, and before they left they vacuumed the area around where they had worked. I'm really happy with my new furnace, too....it's finally warm in here :-)

I am extremely satisfied with the courtesy, timeliness, quality and value of the installation services by Rabboni Mechanical, after they installed my new Trane system. I know that they are a company worthy of my complete trust and repeated business. They definitely have my recommendations.
If you need a heating and air conditioning company, and you want someone who is honest and actually has integrity, then you definitely want to go with Rabboni Mechanical. The owner's name is Jose . I would ask directly for him. I have referred him to anyone and everyone that has needed something fixed regarding their furnace or air conditioning.
I have heard countless stories of people who have been ripped off by heating contractors, similar to that of car mechanics. That's why I always try to do business with people who have been referred to me. Jose was referred to me by one of my good friends, and I hope you take my advice and go with him as well.
He told me exactly what was wrong with it (after two contractors told me that I needed to completely replace the heater). And he told me how he was going to fix it. He fixed it within a couple hours which included the time it took to diagnose the problem.
I can't stress enough that he is one of the most honest people that you will meet in the service industry. This is a rarity, it seems, especially now days. just call him!